Alexander Kluge
Atelier Impopulaire (Pia Bolognesi / Giulio Bursi)
Botanical Museum Berlin
Daniela Friebel
Franz John
Gerhard Richter
Hanna Hennenkemper
Johann Brandstetter
Jonathan Meese
Karl Blossfeldt
Language and Art Collective
Lynn Margulis
Mark Dion
Marc Bausback
NASA / Gregor Trierweiler
Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group
Reynold Reynolds
Sea Watch, Fridays For Future, Bürgerräte, Indivisible
Sonia Levy with Martin Savransky
Sybille Neumeyer
Thomas Thiede
Vera Meyer
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
Yvonne Roeb


 Curated by Annina Lehmann


The focus of the exhibition is illuminating, quetioning and putting into new context dialogical, institutional and civil society forms of cooperation (and their failure), symbiotic and cooperative relationships between non-human beings and the interaction with new technologies from swarms of data to intelligent machines. 

A dialogue develops between artistic works - drawings, films, videos, installations, photographs and sculptures - and scientific exhibits, between literary texts, documentary material and naturalia.

The exhibition deepens the event program of the Festival of Cooperations and sets its own accents. 


September 17 - October 15

Opening Friday September 17 at 6.30 pm


Literaturhaus Berlin
Fasanenstrasse 23
complete program and more info

pdf in german here